There are lots of articles and other information about breastfeeding nowadays. Any mother knows how it positively affects the baby development and his/her immune system. However, not all mothers can use this option of feeding, and there is nothing wrong with this choice.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen the natural breastfeeding, you will appreciate the fact that it is very easy to use Panga SlingTankTop. Most importantly — it makes it possible to nurse the baby discreetly to others.

The first conspicuous thing about Panga SlingTangTop is that you do not have to use any underwear when breastfeeding. An adequate breast support does not cause the feeling of constraint, but at the same time correctly fixes your breast.

Panga clothing constructed in a way which allows you to breastfeed your newborn baby by his/her very first demand. You do not need to acquire any special skills for doing that, as it is simple.

The main thing is that you are being confined to your home, as you have the opportunity to use the SlingTankTop everywhere: at home, outdoors and in any public institutions.

The hood allows you to nurse the baby without attracting too much attention.

From now on it has become much simpler to maintain this special connection between you and your baby.

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