Panga with a breastfeeding consultant’s eyes

Maria Gudanova
lactation consultant,
the member of АКЕВ,

17 April 2017

The lactation consultants usually pay attention to different trends among the childcare products. They pay a particular professional attention to those which can help mothers with a breastfeeding process.

A few years ago, Russian consultants have heard from their foreign colleagues about a specific clothing with a built-in device for carrying a baby. Some makeshift baby carriers devices have periodically arisen in sales in our market. However, recently I have seen a genuine certified product available for sale under the brand named Panga. I am very glad that from now on, working with the breastfeeding mothers, I can recommend them to use particular brand without any fear for the quality of the product.

In one way this product replicates the different types of slings and baby carrying devices, in other way it combines their best qualities and is innovative. I decided to write a brief informative review for mothers, in order to provide them with advantages and some disadvantages of carrying a baby in this particular way.

“How the usage of Panga slingshirt can help a mother and her baby in breastfeeding process – this is what our brief informative review about!”

For starters, as an expert in breastfeeding, I cannot resist reminding you of an exclusive breastfeeding advantages over infant formula feeding. There was a lot being said about this so far:  the pediatricians recommend that babies be breastfed until at least twelve months, because it is important for the development of immune system and gastrointestinal tract; dentists and speech therapists argue that natural breast suckling is critical to the proper development of a baby’s maxillofacial muscles and teeth; neurologists and psychologists note a harmonious emotional state of the children who get mother’s milk; school cognitive ability tests show the higher intellectual level of the children who were breastfed up until at least six months of their life. Even the infant formula packaging obligatory contain the words that “breast milk is the ideal food for babies”.

“breast milk is the ideal food for babies”

Therefore, it is not surprising that the main concern of many postpartum mothers becomes the establishment and sustainability of this uniquely beautiful process of breastfeeding.

Let me also remind you of the main secrets of successful lactation, the World Health Organization formulates them as follows:

  • Correct breastfeeding, when the baby drains the breast effectively and easily gets the necessary amount of food.
  • Frequent and prolonged breast suckling process, excluding the use of bottles, teats, pacifiers or other additional food or drink like water, and there should be no coercive feeding regime.

In one word, you need to feed you baby on demand – that is as often as the he/she wants! However, you need to control the correct latching of the mother’s breast by the baby (more information can be found in the articles devoted to the proper latching tips).

How do children show their need for milk? By using different signals of discomfort: whining, groaning, crying, nuzzling, opening the mouth in search of the chest and etc. It is very important for the mother to react to these signals and offer baby the breast because the amount of milk depends on the amount of the prolactin hormone, the level of which surges up from each feeding, or even from a simple child’s touch!

So, what does that have to do with Panga sligoshirt? The fact is that any child carrier devices make it easier to give care to the baby, develop that necessary maternal responsiveness to child’s need in breastfeeding and greatly effect the amount of milk! Panga slingshirt, compared to other slings and «pouch slings», commands professional respect and interest for its easy use, baby’s safety and is guaranteed with the certificate of quality and elegance. You might want to not only recommend it to the nursing mothers, but try to carry the baby in this slingshirt yourself.

Now let us consider the possible benefits of baby breastfeeding in mother’s arms from different sides and in which situations the slingshirt and its variations can be useful.

  • Neonatal period.

At the first time after birth babies latch on to the breast very often, almost in the «non-stop» mode. That is how the child sends the signal to mother’s body that more milk is needed. A comfortable slingshirt may help to combine both — mother’s need for mobility and the baby’s need for food.

  • Developing the habit of baby’s comfortable sleep.

The primary task for the caregivers is to ensure a proper rest for the baby, because as some people say that children grow up while sleeping. The coziest place for sleeping from the babies’ point of view — mother’s arms. Fallen asleep while breastfeeding the children tend to wake as soon as they are being put to the crib. In order to prevent this unwanted awakening, as well as to notice the moment of the baby’s wakefulness and to have time to breastfeed him/her until he/she is fully active – just place your child into the slingshirt and do your own things.

  • Adjusting to life after baby’s birth.

Panga clothing device, in my opinion, is quite comfortably allows you to perform some simple chores even during a prolonged breastfeeding process. Mother will be able to control the correct baby’s latching on to the breast while doing some simple household chores, combining both housekeeping and breastfeeding.

  • Organization of an outside walk.

It happens so often that the babies wake up while being outdoor and cry! In these moments, some parents just «give up» and start to use a pacifier,  endangering the whole lactation process. There is an easy solution: just put on a slinshirt before you are going out and, in case of baby awakening, discreetly to others nurse your baby, calm him/her and continue to walk. As an option, you can organize a walk with your child not in a pram but in a slingshirt.

  • Increasing the breast milk supply.

Low milk supply – quite frequently met problem. How can a babywearing (the practice of keeping your baby close) help to solve it? Amazingly, but true: it is the contact «skin-to-skin» that stimulates woman’s body to produce more milk! Together with often child’s nursing and the correct latching, carrying the baby in caregiver’s arms (or for mother’s convinience in this slingshirt) is a necessary item in the methods of increasing a breast milk production.

  • Relactation.

What is it? Renewal of breastfeeding from scratch — after a forced break or in any other situation when a breast-feeding mother has run out of milk. Yes! Milk supply process can be re-developed from the scratch! As it was stated previously, usage of specialized baby carrier devices along with the measures taken to resume the lactation will help to launch the breast milk supply process.

  • Overcoming baby’s breastfeed refusal problem.

Sometimes, by the various reasons, children “resent” the breast by refusing it in favor of bottles, pacifiers and other suckling devices. In addition to other professional advice, you can again be offerd to carry the baby in the Panga slinshirt — this will allow to establish his/her contact with the breast, with the mother and to resume a relaxed breastfeeding.

  • Prevention of baby’s breastfeed refusal problem.

There are some situations when the baby desperately needs to be hold in arms in order to keep his/her emotional state, but mother is not physically able to fulfill the baby’s need! Packing for a trip, establishing the shelter after moving in to a new place to live, visiting the clinic, meeting the guests – all these and many other situations require freedom for mother’s arms. All children react to any changes in the usual life flow similarly – they want to be held and calm down in parents’ arms. If their requests are ignored – the relationship between parents and children can be alienated, and then the baby will start to act up and refuse to nurse. In order to prevent this, you should use a slingshirt for the whole stressful period for a baby, because a close contact will protect him/her from unpleasant experiences.

  • Reconnecting with mother.

Some children suffer difficulties in getting used to breastfeeding after a separation with their mothers — an unexpected hospitalization, mothers’ going back to work… I would also suggest them to use Panga clothing here, as in the previously discussed case of baby’s breast refusal. Babywearing will significantly accelerate the breastfeeding process, as the baby will feel cozy like in the mother’s womb, and mother’s arms will be free to stroke him/her and lead him/her to a correct latching.

  • Help with baby’s burps.

Many infants are not able to release extra air trapped in the stomach after feeding on their own. How can you help a baby without waking him/her? Place your child carefully in the pocket of the slingshirt, begin to move rhythmically about the room and after a while the baby will be burped.

  • Back pain.

Panga slingshirts are designed so as to carefully distribute the baby’s weight load on mother’s back, arms and thighs. It is also important for trouble-free breastfeeding! Why? Back pain can trigger a violation of the milk outflow from the breast and lead to milk stagnation or reduction in its supply quantity. The lactation consultants encourage mothers to be attentive to the condition of the back and suggest not to neglect such wonderful and helpful babywearing devices.

It is important to mention some breastfeeding risks from using of slingshirts:

  • Sleeping baby may slightly flatten the breast by the weight of his head, thereby provoking the milk stagnation. To avoid such troubles, it is important to periodically change the position of his head in the slingshirt.
  • A Slingshirt should not tighten the chest too much pushing the baby to the breast — this situation can lead to breast clamping ducts and inflammation. You should carefully select the size of Panga clothing and read the instructions!
  • Despite all the conveniences and benefits of using the slingshirt — do not feed the baby only inside of it! Make sure to vary the breastfeeding positions during the day! Nurse the baby in other positions: reclining position, the cross-over hold, the clutch or football hold and the classic cradle hold (you can read more about them in the special articles on this subject). This is important not only for the emotional development of the infant, but also for the efficient breast emptying by the baby.
  • It is worth remembering that a baby carrier device is not a panacea. It is rather simply reliable and important helping device for a nursing mother. The success of breastfeeding depends on compliance with those brief rules that I have mentioned above.

I hope that this brief informative review will help you to understand some aspects of breastfeeding and choose the right accessories to make this process more successful!

Maria Gudanova
lactation consultant,
the member of Lactation Consultant Association

This specialist examined only genuine Panga products. Beware of imitations.

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