First of all, a child needs love!

Agranovich Olesya

perinatal psychologist,
family counselor,

17 Апреля 2017

Modern parents possess a huge amount of information. Own experience overlaps with the experience of friends and acquaintances. There are lots of articles and expert recommendations in the Internet. It’s hard not to get lost in search for the baby’s best this flow of information. You want to know straight away whether or not to purchase a new gadget helping with the baby.

And am inclined to think that you should buy things not only for helping the parents, but also those that carry benefits for the baby him/herself. It is better when these functions are combined.

 So, the questions arise: “what to do” and “how to do it properly”? First of all, a baby needs love and a loving mother! She can be tired, upset, tearful, cheerful and joyful, but always loving and caring! That is why the mother decides what to do and how to do it best basing on what her heart dictates, knowledge, understanding baby’s needs, her schedule and the pace of life in the family. 

In order for life with the baby to proceed harmoniously, you have «helpers» – helping devices which can facilitate the baby caring and mother’s mobility. One of such helping devices can become a Panga slingshirt.

In this case you acquire a thing not only for yourselves, but also for the baby. This product helps children to adapt more quickly and feel calmer.

A lot of studies are devoted to the postnatal adaptation of mother and baby. Certain conditions are quite important for them during this adaptation period:

  • temperature regime
  • sounds
  • smells
  • food
  • hygiene

In the postnatal period, especially in the early one, the temperature of the environment is crucial. Mother usually is accustomed to the climate of the area she lives in, but it is quite difficult for the newborn baby to adopt to it. He/she has developed and lived inside of the mother’s womb in the conditions which differ from our environment: somewhere it is cold, or hot, or windy, or dank, or dry. It is more comfortable in parents’ arms. They will warm the baby and notice if he/she is hot or cold, and they will help him/her!

«The baby starts to gain a sense of stability and confidence in caring mother and father. Inside the slingshirt the child is usually located in a comfortable thermal mode, getting mother’s body warmth. A number of principles of the «kangaroo» method can be applied here.

Also the babywearing (the practice of keeping your baby close) can help to cope with some difficulties associated with the digestion disorders, when there is a need for an upright position, warmth on the tummy and/or bending the legs in toward the tummy.

Another plus for the child of being in a Panga is that baby hears the familiar and necessary sounds needed for psychological health and adequate development: heartbeat, «borborygmus», the caregiver’s breathing, and also mother’s smell giving a feeling of comfort and closeness.

If mother is breastfeeding, she can nurse the baby on demand, providing an adequate physiological development of the baby. Also, being in a slingshirt, the child is under the protection of the familiar microflora. Many of these factors are particularly important when we are talking about premature babies or children that require an or special care and more parents’ attention.

When the baby is a little older, you will be passing a postnatal adaptation together, you will want to go out for a walk, to visit relatives, to go shopping and to visit the places of leisure. It is not always convenient to use the pram for these purposes. But being carried in parents’ arms is quite comfortable!

While wearing the slingshirt, you have an access to the places which are inconvenient or impossible to drive to in a pram, you are able to move freely between the trading stalls, in the clinic, to exercise, visit museums, restaurants and other activities.

Some children need to be in mother’s arms more time than an adult expect or want them to be, especially in some periods of a child’s life (e.g. during illness or teething), and mother needs «free arms» for doing some domestic chores, in such situations, the use of Panga products would be helpful to soothe the baby. The slingshirt will also help to «free the hands» of the other family caregivers, especially if there are older children in the family.

This particular clothes will also help parents who love fitness. You will not have to sit next to the bassinet or crib, you will have the opportunity to move more and actively lose weight after giving birth and to get more “happy hormones”. You can also attend the classes for mothers and babies which are being held in slings, especially if, for some reason, a standard sling is not suitable for you.


Sometimes mothers forget about thaur appearance after giving birth: there is not enough energy, time, changed view on themselves, changed body parameters and preferences in clothing. Slingshirts and SlingDresses can be of a great help to renew a mother’s wardrobe. You can get “used to them” even during the pregnancy period, to choose the most suitable colors for you, and most importantly: they are easy to use and are of a good quality! They can become the basis of your wardrobe until the baby fits in a “pocket”. If you are breastfeeding, you are able to nurse your baby discreetly to others in this Panga clothing.

In addition, a close contact with the baby helps the mother to recover after giving birth faster and more efficient, to avoid postnatal depression, minimize mood swings after childbirth which occur due to hormonal changes within the body, to extend breastfeeding, hence to make a successful contribution to your health and a child’s healthy development.

The majority of children need rocking, which contributes to the strengthening of the vestibular apparatus, blood vessels, nervous system and even, according to some researchers, the immune system. It is great if these processes happen in the “mother’s rhythm”, to which the baby is used while being in mother’s womb. The caregivers who participate in baby care can be “trained” to follow this rhythm.

Another point important to be noted: the baby needs to change positions.  It is essential for the development, including physiologically determined stimulation of the nervous system. Usually the children themselves begin to “swarm” and “begging” the adult for “renewal”. But, just in case, remember: if baby was in a carrier device for about an hour or so, then try to put him/her on his/her tummy or to take the child on your lap with legs pointed towards you and to stroke his/her body, performing a “mother’s (or father’s)” massage. It is better if time spent outside the baby carrier equals to or greater than the time spent inside of it.

Parents, being in a close contact with their baby, better ensure the baby’s needs, understanding the request and responding to it, thereby supporting not only the child’s psychological comfort, but the comfort of a whole family, which ensures an adequate future development of the child.

When buying any “helper”, please consider the quality of the product, beware of fakes! There is a need to understand the principles of use and mechanism of action. Nowadays, there are poor quality copies can be found, always use only certified products! Panga production is the only certified manufacturer in Russia.

Agranovich Olesya

perinatal psychologist,
family counselor,

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