Valentina Karpova

Osteopathic practitioner

“Carrying our newborn babies in Panga SlingTankTop, helps to cope with many problems. Mother’s body warmth comforts the child and reduces symptoms of abdominal cramps. “

Maria Gudanova

lactation consultant,
the member of AKEB

“Panga slingtanktop, compared to other slings and “pouch slings”, commands professional respect and interest for its easy use, baby’s safety and is guaranteed with the certificate of quality and elegance. “

Agranovich Olesya

perinatal psychologist,
family counselor

“Another plus for the child of being in a Panga is that baby hears the familiar and necessary sounds needed for psychological health and adequate development: heartbeat, “borborygmus”, the caregiver’s breathing, and also mother’s smell giving a feeling of comfort and closeness. “